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PLAY ME Hi-Speed from CSLOXINFO choose sale promotion*
FREE! No monthly fees for 2 months or Free wirless router
Ask for more details 0-2263-8222

  Prices start from 690 Baht a month.
  Speed 256 kbps-8 Mbps
  Free Dial-up usage time, Secured mail per offer conditions  

* Promotions offered depends on selected service. Please ask us for more details at 0-2263-8222
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"PLAY ME " Hi-Speed Internet from CS LOXINFO Catch up with all new technology, a hit with all liftstyles.PLAY ME Hi-Speed Internet from CS LOXINFO will make your life easy for loading movies, listening to music, playing games, chatting, email, transfering data or booking movies and more!! PLAY ME Hi-Speed Internet suits all needs, when seeking a superior lifestyle...don't accept less.

If you have a TRUE line, you can use Hi-Speed Internet from CS LOXINFO
Play me 256

* Please ask for your benefits and promotions at Customer Support. 0-2263-8222

Play me 512
Play me 1024
Play me 2048
Play me 3072
Play me 4096
Play me 5120
Play me 8192

* Remarks
  Free connection
  No time limit
  Free 100 MB mail space with Spam Filtering and Virus Scan
  Multi-Mode value added service for dial-up

1. Above prices do not include VAT 7% and installation fee which will be charged seperately.
2. Above prices include connection fee but do not include any installation fees or additional equipment ie. Hub
3. Special offer price for equipment Wireless Router 1,000 baht. (VAT 7% is not included.)
4. Free equipment offer for 12 month contract applies for all services, If cancelled prior to the contract expiry date, the penalty will be charged equivalent to the price of equipment.
5. When a customer selects a promotion for free equipment but later wants to change service before the end of the 12 month contract and the new selected services does not offer free equipment, those customers will be asked to pay for the used equipment.
6. The company reserves the right not to accept of damage equipment after the customer has signed for acceptance of the equipement. Exempt only if the equipment is defected.
7. For self installation, customers need to purchase the equipment from the company.The delivery will be free of charge.(within Bangkok and in the viamty of Bangkok.)The payment for the equipment will be settled on the same day of delivery.
8. The installalion fee of 1,000 for one Personal Computer connection. (price excludes VAT7%)
9. The company reserves the right to change the fee for installation. For areas outside Bangkok and telephone numbers beginning with(02), an addditional rate may apply due to the distance of the location.
10. No monthly Fee offer to be paid on the 11th and 12th months. First month will be charged pro-rate if you established service within the month.
11. Service is restricted to Telephone numbers provided by media providers mentioned in the table above only.
12. During waiting for installing , we offer 30 usage dial-up hours for free.
13. For cancelling, notification must be given 30 days advance.
14. The company reserves the right to change the service rate without any prior notice.
15. The applicant agrees to receive Internet Access Service from CSLoxinfo and the applicant does not inform of service cancellation in writing less than 30 days in advance to the Company, the service will be automatically continued.


ADSL service is a shared speed services, the speed depends on the number of users (non-guaranteed speed)
The connection speed is the speed of connection between your pc and CSLoxinfo Network, not the downloading speed. The download speed may be slower than the applicable speed of your selected service especially cable for international websites which may be affected by conditions of cable and the length of your line , the internal line of user and server router of the website you visiting.

Asking for more details about service ADSL
Customer Support Tel. 0-2263-8222

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